Copper Creek

Farmington Hills, Michigan

May 19th, 2014

WILD GOLF @ Copper Creek:

Over the hills, through the woods,

up the creek and into the cup


The May 19th exhibition of Wild Golf

at scenic Copper Creek Golf Course

in Farmington, Michigan marked the

first time Wilderness Golf has been

played in rounds of mixed doubles,

that is, one gender of each per side.

As teams negotiated the course's

challenging hills and valleys in

their determined quests to be first

to the hole and in, it became readily

apparent that this was not the

serene walk in the woods

Mark Twain so wryly chronicled.

This was Man versus Man.

Woman versus Woman.

Man versus Woman.

All against the stopwatch,

toe to toe, helmet to helmet action

never before seen on a golf course

-- every stroke adroitly and

admirably covered by WDIV,

the Metro area's high profile,

mega-ratings NBC affiliate.