Wilderness Xtreme Sports is today’s contemporary hybrid sports series. Our mission is to take popular everyday sports like golf, football, hockey, lacrosse, or soccer and play them in the wilds of Mother Nature. Combining elements from these sports like foot speed, agility, and stamina make the game play way more "X-treme".


The Rules


Wilderness Golf, also known as Wild Golf, Guerilla Golf, and Gonzo Golf, is played in the manner of traditional golf with these notable exceptions:


1)Where it is played, that is, on rugged, but navigable terrain and/or on the most challenging holes of a regular course-- the latter sometimes played "crossways" into the roughs of those holes.


2)How it is scored, i.e., time (as kept by a "stopwatchman") trumps strokes over nine holes, the last three of which, the "kicker rounds", are played simultaneously and "head to head."