This is a Star Search for America's Best Young Wild Golfers.

we want YOU if you're good to GO and "game" to GOLF in the Wilderness.

Send pictures, videos and resumes to be reviewed Those selected will be shown right here!


Watch for news about this Summer's WILD GOLF public matches and exhibitions.

You could STAR in one of these Main Events for CARAMEDIA Productions [The Art of The Sport. The Sport of The Arts.]


We also welcome suggestions from venues and feelers from television networks.

Mike Gierucki


 Gierucki played football, baseball and basketball at Annapolis before graduating in 1998. He also continued to play baseball at Northwood University. Gierucki continues his personal training three or four times a week at F-3 Fitness in Taylor, plays recreational softball in Dearborn and Dearborn Heights, and golfs about every two weeks.



Tony Ventura


 Photographed here with his wife Rachel, Ventura played soccer, football and basketball growing up. He graduated from Fordson 2001, and played soccer for two years at Schoolcraft, and one year at Buffalo. He continues his personal training regularly, lifting weights three nights a week and playing soccer two nights a week.


 Victoria has been playing golf for four years. Her favorite course to play is Highland Golf Club. She loves golf because it's relaxing, fun, and she likes being outdoors. She played softball in high school at Lakeland High. For her personal training she rides her bike three miles every morning.


Victoria Cain

 Kristy has played golf for four years. Her favorite course to play is Garland Golf. She loves the sport because she likes being outdoors and enjoys nature. She played volleyball in high school at Milford High. Her personal training consists of working out during the week.


Kristy Ressler

Joel McGinley

Joel McGinley has played golf since the 8th Grade.  He attended Walled Lake Central where he played for the varsity golf team.  After high school, he graduated from Western Michigan University. To stay fit, he plays disc golf regularly and participates in physical activities through his work.

Audrey Beaumarchais

Audrey Beaumarchais played golf when she was younger.  She attended Lakeland High School and currently goes to Michigan State University (MSU).  Throughout high school, she danced at Dance Dynamic Performing Arts Studio and is now a member of the dance team at MSU.  To stay fit, she runs on a daily basis and continues dancing for MSU.